Of his works:

In sculpture:
Works of art in the United States skyrocket in Birmingham, Alabama.
Trophee Rome Italian artists, representatives of Lebanon.
A monument of bronze of Captain Javad Azar Jezzine,
Captain Walid logo Akkar,
insisted illiteracy Laure Moghaizel and Minister Joseph Moghaizel at the University of Notre,
the design and implementation of short MP Farid Serhal Jezzine,
Symposium of Sculpture in the Rachana - Aley - Jounieh - Zouk Mosbeh - Jbeil - Metn - Supervisor -
Dubai representatives of Lebanon -
Italian representatives of Lebanon.
works of art of the masters Minister George Frem - to Iaochuaa - Walid, and Robert Mouawad - Eli Sloan - Nader Maroun - Jesuit University, and others.

In the glass wall:

     Glassware Bkasin Mar Takla Church -
     St. John Achrafieh -
     Our Lady of moving lessons - Mar Grace Roman Jezzine -
     Mar Elias Alabama United States -
     Mar Maroun Jeita -
     and other works in the field of interior design.

In mosaic and painting:

Mosaic Church of Mar Takla Baknaya -
Mar Elia, the United States -
crossed the Sidon -
Mar Takla-Deeb -
Ms. Zalka -
Mrs. Bushra -
Drawing and restoration of Henri Pharaon Palace -
Palace MP Farid Serhal -
Baanal Sharjah Gulf -
participate in many group exhibitions and individual different in Lebanon and the outside world.

Participated in many conferences and activities, arts and culture in Lebanon and abroad,
the most important artists of the Jubilee 2000 global in Rome -
Baanal Sharjah.
His many television interviews and press releases.

Andre Nammour